Whether you have just decided to get married, or your well into the planning, congratulations! The Church believes marriage is the most important expression of human relationships and that in marriage husband and wife come to reflect and live out the love God shows to his people.

As you plan your wedding at Holgate Methodist Church, you will almost certainly have many questions. A few of them are answered here, but for more information please contact our Minister,  who can discuss things more fully with you.

Can I get married at Holgate Methodist Church?
The York registrars will need to know you have a qualifying connection with our church.   That means that as long as either you or your partner live within the York registration district, or are a regular member of our congregation then you can obtain permission for us to register your marriage in our church.

What if I have been married before?
We treat every couple who come to us as unique.  We have no fixed rules, apart from those imposed by the registrar, who will require proof of divorce from you.  We usually will meet with you, and get to know you, and encourage you to reflect on your relationship together.  This might include asking you to reflect on your previous relationship.  If we are all happy then we’ll arrange further meetings to make your day as special as we can for you.

Can we choose the date of our wedding?
For most couples the answer to this is usually ‘yes’ – but as you prepare your wedding, please bear in mind that we are a popular church for weddings. We cannot guarantee that the date and time you choose will be available.  We suggest you contact us first, and we’ll do our best to fit in with you and your chosen venues for the celebration afterwards.