Each year the Church chooses two main charities to support; one that is international and one that is slightly more local (be it national, regional or local). Although these are the main charities that the Church supports during the year, we also support some other charities with one-off events. This year the main charities we’re supporting are York Besom and All We Can (formerly MRDF). We also support other charities, such as Christian AidJunior Mission for All (JMA), and Cry in the Dark’s Christmas Shoebox Appeal. Every year we also do carol singing in the neighbourhood, collecting for a different charity.

York Besom

Logo - York BesomThe Besom in York was launched in February 2007, since then they’ve been helping the church in York to serve the poor.

The Besom in York is a bridge between those who want to give and those who are in need. It is there to help people to show love in practical ways. They do this by helping those in the church to give their time, money, skills and things to those who are in need. The first steps to helping those in need are often the hardest – that’s why the Besom is there – to help the church effectively make a difference.
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 All We Can

Logo - All We Can

All We Can is a pioneering international development, relief and advocacy organisation that believes in the power of partnership. It has its roots in the British Methodist Church and is inspired by Christian principles to focus on those in greatest need. On 8 April 2014, MRDF (the Methodist Relief and Development Fund) became All We Can, the Methodist relief and development partner.
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Christmas Shoebox Appeal

Logo - Cry in the DarkThank you to everybody who made a shoebox or contributed towards one. Our shoeboxes go to Cry in the Dark. They are a relatively small charity operating in Romania, with the vision to put Christian love and compassion into action by reaching out to children and young people of any race, creed or faith who are marginalised by poverty, sickness or disability. We will be repeating them later in the year, so please make sure you keep any old shoeboxes.
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Carol Singing 2019

Action Aid LogoThank you to everyone who came carol singing, or donated to us, we collected £136.92 in aid of ‘Action Aid’.