Notes for visiting preachers

If you require transport to the church for your preaching appointment, please telephone 01904 784168 or email the stewards from where arrangements will be made.

Musical resources include Hymns & Psalms and the 1998 Songs of Fellowship volumes 1 and 2.  A CCL copyright licence is held (number 5107).  Please let us have your hymns by 6pm on the Monday before your appointment in order that the musical contribution might be prepared properly.  If you have any further musical requirements, please telephone 01904 798437 to discuss these.

We have the ability to project onto a screen and this can be useful either for illustrations or for the words of hymns or songs not included within the pew books.  If words are projected, you may extend the resource list to include Song of Fellowship books 3 to 5 and Singing The Faith.  Please give plenty of notice if you intend to do this so that the words can be prepared.  We discourage preachers from arriving with a memory stick too late for the words to be checked over for compatibility with both the source book and the music.

The Methodist Worship Book is available.

New International Version bibles are provided for the congregation to follow readings.  It is customary to give the page number when introducing the reading.

Mornings: Except where there is a Family or Parade service (usually the 1st of the month), the church will choose, but not announce, the second hymn.  The Young Church leave the main congregation following the second hymn.  Please link with a short blessing after the hymn before they leave.

Mornings: The service is preceded by a congregational introit which you do not need to choose.  The Vestry prayer should end at 10:30 at which point the introit will have started.  The introit will commence unless one of the stewards signals that the start of the services is to be delayed .  The introit should, therefore, cover your entry into the church.

Mornings:  We have a number of younger children who will be present until after the second hymn (ages 5+, younger for Family services).  We encourage you to use illustrations and language within the first part of the service which will encourage these very young children and allow them to understand the message being given and prayers being offered.  If you do not feel comfortable with this, please speak with the Stewards who will make every effort to assist you.

There is a microphone system which not only enhances your voice throughout the worship area, but also feeds a loop system for the hard of hearing and channels the service to the vestibule and creche.  You should speak in your usual voice, without undue projection.