A baptism, or christening in the church, we believe is the beginning of a lifelong process of growth in faith in Jesus Christ. Our church offers baptism for people of all ages, from very young babies to adults. Although the baptism we perform is recognised in many different churches, it symbolises a commitment to join our particular church family in embarking on this journey of growth. For an older child, or adult, we ask them to make promises that recognise this intent. For very young children or babies, we ask the parents to make this commitment for them, and we ask God-parents to make similar promises to enable the child to explore their relationship with God as they grow. For this to be effective, we offer many opportunities for you, as a family, to engage in worship and the life of the church.

Sometimes, people wish to celebrate the birth of a child, but are unsure if they are ready to make a commitment to the church that asks them to make these promises. Others who have a strong Christian faith feel that they would like the child to be able to express their faith later in life for themselves. For this reason, we also offer a thanksgiving service, which leaves this option open for the child in the future.

If you would be interested in finding out more, then please contact the Minister. We usually ask, if you haven’t worshipped with us before, that you first attend either one of our Sunday services, or one of our Messy church services, designed specifically for families. Its fine if you just want to turn up, you’ll be made very welcome, but if we know you are coming we can arrange someone to meet you and show you the ropes! After the service, if you still feel this is the church family you wish to be a part of, we can arrange a meeting with our minister to discuss it with you further. They will discuss the service you attended and explore with you how our church might assist in fulfilling your baptism vows.

Baptism services are carried out by one of our ordained ministers, and as they have responsibility for several local churches, this unfortunately means being prepared to fit in with the services at which they are present with us, so please contact us a few months beforehand if possible.