Sunday Worship

There are two times of Sunday Worship, 10:30 and 18:30. There is a morning service every week, however the evening service is only held occasionally.

Morning Service (10:30)

Please be aware that at 10:27 we will light a candle, close the Narthex doors, and sit quietly as we prepare ourselves for worship. The service will start at 10:30 promptly with an introit (found on the notice sheet provided). After the 2nd Hymn the young people will leave the service to Young Church (unless if it is a Parade or Family Service). After the service there will be tea & coffee available in the Narthex. There is also a Creche available throughout the service for any young children, or for those that chose to stay in the service, a box of toys is provided in the Narthex, where you can hear the service relayed. Services such as communion are sometimes conducted in a different order to allow the young people & teachers to participate, with young church starting immediately and joining the congregation towards the end of the service

Evening Service (18:30)

An evening service is only occasionally held at Holgate. As many other churches also suffer from the decline in evening services, a number of churches in the local area have grouped together to provide more frequent evening services. To see when the services are available, and where they will be held, please see the circuit plan.

We have a hearing loop system installed, to aid those that wear hearing aids. If you wear a hearing aid please turn it to the T position to take advantage of our hearing loop system.