Worship during COVID-19

Now we are able to meet in person, and with decreased social distancing, we are gathering most Sundays at the church, as well as continuing to worship online with Zoom at the same time. A small number of our services are presently live streamed from Acomb Methodist and streamed into Holgate and Southlands, but the majority are now led live locally. We meet at 10:30am every Sunday, for a time of worship, which includes worship songs, bible study, and some prayer together.

This uses the Zoom video conferencing software. To access each service, you need a device with a microphone and ideally a camera, you then need to download Zoom, from www.zoom.us and then you’ll need to follow the link below, or type the meeting id, and password into the software to enable the meeting. If you would like to join us but are not sure if you have the right technology available to you, please do get in touch and we will do our best to either confirm your setup or find an alternative using your existing devices.

The following link will be used each week, for our Zoom service. However, this will change for the Sundays of the 5th and 12th September. On the 19th we will have a live service of Holy Communion by our minister John Bailey and thereafter physical services.

We will meet on 19th September for physical worship, but if you’d prefer to join us online, you can join Acomb at the following….

Meeting URLhttps://zoom.us/j/96502017004
Meeting ID:965 0201 7004
Telephone:0131 460 1196
Password:Please contact us for the password

For 19th September, we will be streaming a live circuit service the link is as follows, but you can join us at the church for a live stream

Each Sunday we linger after the ‘worship’ to continue to ‘be church’, in conversation in different physical church groups. This is the time where we catch up with one another, share concerns, and develop ways in which we might express God’s love in our context practically… so do stay for that if you are able.

If you were unable to join us for our united service with Acomb, then included here, instead, is a recording of our service on the 12th September led by Rev Andy Lindley

And if you missed our young families performing, ‘Wise Men’ then watch here.

If you’d like to catchup on our Christmas services, then visit our Christmas 2020 page.